A journey of two: the power of co-branding for Indel B and Fiamma

14 / 02 / 2023

Thinking creatively does not only mean to find a unique, distant and never travelled before road for everyone. It also means to see what parts of the journey would bring the best feeling if walked down together with someone else. — Bonds, more than collaborations, are still things very looked down on when talking about businesses within the same or adjacent markets, — says Leonardo Tironzelli, Art Director of Studiogusto. — Brands are often afraid to be outshined, or that they can dim each other’s light if working together, and above all that they would invest into something that brings advantage just to someone else. Of course when collaborating everything as to reach the perfect balance, but for those who have the courage to take the big step and share part of the journey, co-branding is really something that opens the doors to new possibilities. That is why we are so happy with work we made together with Indel B and Fiamma. —

The collaboration Leonardo Tironzelli hints at is a very special one: Indel B and Fiamma are two iconic Italian brands creating equipment dedicated to exalt van life and outdoor experience. Indel B offers systems and solutions for mobile refrigeration and air conditioning to the most important international players, with a history of innovation that brought the brand up in space when NASA chose Indel B custom refrigerator to be installed on the shuttle Columbia, in 1982.

Fiamma is known worldwide as a pioneer and leading company in manufacturing technical accessories for the recreational vehicle market, with more than 100 patents registered in Europe, USA, Japan, and China.

Studiogusto thought to combine the needs both the clients shared in terms of media assets for their adv campaigns, developing synergistic productions that would include their products at the same time. — The work with Studiogusto and Indel B has been neat and seamless — affirms Giovanna Colombo, Marketing & Communication Manager of Fiamma. — Co-branding means above all finding the right balance on multiple marketing-related factors, from the ways the products are shown to their combinations in the different sets. The result achieved an idea and ideal of lifestyle, comfort, complete and unique outdoor experience that is exactly what Fiamma is about. —

The benefits of creating ambitious, high-quality co-branding productions like this are many: the sources and costs are optimized, the team working on the project is wider, and the photo and video shoot sets become more and more authentic due to the presence of the two product ranges. Also, it is a strategy than can bring to the formation of a stronger and more consistent international network. — Experiencing this journey alongside Fiamma has really been captivating — says Daniele Riccioni, Head of Marketing of Indel B. — When everything says that alone is better, it really takes to be bold to decide to share something as important as adv campaigns are nowadays. Today’s businesses grew afraid of bonds, but the one with Fiamma proved that companies need to reach a more collective dimension, not only in terms of marketing, but also for the social and environmental impact. This could be key to a better future. We want to thank Studiogusto for making this bond happen and for having turned into a beautiful campaign we are very happy to see as the start of something new. —

Studiogusto will continue to promote this business bonding among its clients, to build positive synergies together. The journey of a company is really a life-like experience, with alone moments to reflect and grow, and times when being together makes everyone reach their peak.

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