World Children’s Day 2024

23 / 05 / 2024

Studiogusto has enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to start a collaboration with Italy's most important religious and cultural institution, the Papal Basilica of St. Peter. This opportunity arose from the need to find a quality Digital partner for the support and consultation required for the World Children's Day, an initiative strongly desired by Pope Francis. At the end of May 2024, this event will see the participation of tens of thousands of children from all over the world, united by hope and friendship. The event will focus on sports, fun, values, and humanism. Studiogusto has created the communication, information, and service portal for all participants, institutions, and media partners. This collaboration represents an extraordinary opportunity to promote the importance of unity and solidarity among the young, in a context of great spiritual and cultural significance.

"As the CEO of Studiogusto, I immediately considered Father Enzo Fortunato's invitation as an opportunity to contribute to the development of a great idea by Pope Francis: in recent years, I have had the chance to collaborate with and get to know Father Enzo, and I am convinced that there is much contemporaneity in the thoughts and actions of these individuals.

For my company, Studiogusto, World Children's Day is an opportunity to combine professional experience with spiritual experience, communicating digitally the avant-garde approach that the modern Church and the Pope concentrate daily in all their initiatives.

There is a new tone of voice that aims to reach young people through technology. It conveys messages of Faith, Identity, and the importance of feeling under the same sky!

These are values we cultivate every day at Studiogusto.

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