Design in Dialogue: the Creative Harmony between Interni and Studiogusto in the Narration of Italian Excellence

12 / 10 / 2023

Interni and Studiogusto, a Shared Journey in the Universe of Italian Design


In the scene of Italian furniture and design, Interni is a bastion of excellence and tradition, proud of more than 90 years of legacy and an influence over 169 Countries. Its mission -besides focusing on the supply of medium-high range design furniture- is intrinsically tied to the creation and realization of interior solutions offering a whole experience, meeting the stylistic needs of a varied and international clientele. In this scenario, Studiogusto, through a careful and culturally design oriented lens, interprets and translates Interni’s mission, producing editorial contents that are not only compelling, but also fundamental to strengthen the brand’s positioning.


The "Signature Editions" born from the synergy and shared will to explore the most intimate side of the design world, capitalize on commercial partnerships between Interni and the moguls of Made in Italy furniture, telling unique stories of exclusive productions through videos, interviews and insights.


The aim crystalizes into the generation of an authentic engagement with the brand while consolidating its authority through a deep dialogue with the design enthusiasts’ community. This desire is furtherly expressed through "INTERNI RADIO" an event conceived by Studiogusto that comes to life, both physically and digitally, every year during the Salone del Mobile, acting as a hub to meet, think and talk with internationally renowned designers, enriching the experience through dedicated podcasts on the brand’s Spotify channel.


In this narrative framework, Interni’s Journal –curated by Studiogusto- evolves into an instrument that doesn’t only offer online insights and inspirations, but also extends its narration through visual and editorial microblogging on social media, creating a constant and exciting dialogue. The communication strategy is, then, completed by "INTERNALLY", a magazine conceived as a means to explore the group’s news and processes, reinforcing the brand’s identity and sharing the projects and activities of the company with a homogenous language.

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