Misura and Studiogusto: 6 years of collaboration and trust

03 / 08 / 2022

Misura, the brand part of Colussi Group whose products match healthy lifestyle and good taste, decided to trust again Studiogusto, the agency that has been working on its digital communication for the last 6 years. The journey together started in 2017 with an in-depth analysis of the brand position, and then kept going on with big changes that took place during the years: smoothly, the strategy was adapted to the visions and the new inputs received, with a total cooperation between the brand and the agency, that never let the long term goals down. 

— Every relationship has a perfect balance, — explains Mimmo Berterame, CEO and Co-Founder of Studiogusto, — finding it means working in a trustful environment, that is often key to the success of a high-quality project. In the recent years Studiogusto felt part of the strategic thinking of Misura, that required not only ideas and productions, but also a contribution in reshaping the perceived values of the brand: it is a great honor for our agency. — The communication focused on handing down a nutrition and health philosophy with no compromises in terms of taste. The strategy aimed at creating a new contest rich in colours, nature and goodness through the sensationalization of the product. Also, it pursued an idea of lifestyle rooted in the consumers’ daily activities, that the target would have recognized as its own. The values of the customers are put under the spotlight, and this allowed the creation of a real community that is constantly growing and living the spirit of the brand.

— We use different tools that work in complete synergy to achieve the goals established with Misura, among which the widening of the target —, says Chiara Silvestri, Key Account and Copywriter of Studiogusto. — The communication of the brand moved towards a more digital world, not only through the website, but with specific projects developed for the social media, that are a significant part of the editorial plan and gained a higher and stronger value and identity. — During the latest years, the collaboration activated a series of projects and productions developed to reach in a creative way new targets aligned with the values of the brand.  In 2017, Allenati Alla Vita was born: a still growing project that linked the brand with the sports world through the casting of testimonials like the Italian ski champion Marta Bassino, a collaboration that consolidated an all-round idea of taste and well-being. In the recent years the synergy also led to the production of projects like A Misura d’Ambiente, with the role of a collector of activities, commitments and innovations in sustainability promoted by the brand, and Green Jumper, the entertaining game by Misura that allows to play and get to know more about environmental issues. Tutti I Mondi Di Misura was the key concept of the 2022 strategy: the vision of a universe starting from a single, ordinary family consisting in five people with different stories, personalities, identities, choices and tastes, kept together by care, affection and understanding. It was a consistent strategy that brought a broader vision to the use of the products in their social, environmental and healthy dimensions.

— The meeting with Studiogusto happened, first of all, because of the need of working with a local excellence, capable of being present and proactive in a dynamic and creative way — says Martina Lucentini, Product Manager of Misura. — The level of synergy we reached allowed us to build new communication paths for Misura, and to evolve the values connected with the brand, finding together for each idea the right direction to follow. —

The 2023 project promises big news, with contents more and more related to the sustainable path the brand begun: a yet unexplored part of the journey that will for sure be full of surprises.   

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