Peptone chooses Studiogusto

15 / 12 / 2022

They call it a startup, yet Peptone’s vision and commercial traction are those of a far more mature venture. Peptone’s success stems from more than 30 years of academic expertise combined with an international team of physicists, biologists, engineers, biophysicists, HPC experts and mathematicians, all bound by the passion for physics and pharmacology.

The relationship between Peptone and Studiogusto has shown, right from the beginning, exceptional chemistry, that led the British company to choose the artisanal boutique of digital experiences to develop its own communication project. "To be chosen by specialists in Mathematical calculations of the best possible solution says it all, it’s already an honour as it is" said Stefano Caliandro, Creative Director and Co-founder of Studiogusto. "Having the chance to know and work with Peptone is highly stimulating from an intellectual perspective. Their philosophy is to verify and hypothesise the routes that may lead to scientific failure and, even if we come from two different worlds, it’s not so different from our way of communicating. When we develop projects and produce content, we think fast and try to verify and avoid possible misinterpretations, mimicking the way of thinking and seeing of those who will live the experience we produce. Thanks to this remote relationship, we are able to choose the right route and overcome the barrier between sender and recipient."

Per aspera ad astra, the latin proverb, which can be translated as "through hardships to the stars", has gradually become a small inspirational mantra for Studiogusto’s project development: it not only represents Peptone’s approach, reaching drug design goals while mitigating risks, but also serves as a guidance for those daring times of a global pandemic, which test our focus, resilience and humility.

"Visual storytelling is a powerful yet much underappreciated tool in the domain of science-driven companies. Communicating complex and often abstract concepts is a non-trivial task", said Dr. Kamil Tamiola, Peptone’s CEO. “Since the very first days of Peptone we have known that communicating our mission and value proposition will require vast investments of time and this is why we have decided to hand over this mission to true professionals; Studiogusto. We are incredibly excited about Studiogusto's technological prowess and near-obsessive attention to details. Moreover, we do find Studiogusto's creative approach to science-driven storytelling a true breeze of fresh air in the world of mundane corporate messaging."

Studiogusto's creative team designed a unique experience that is at the verge of the digital representation of proteins and an immersive world of surreal art.

"We created a modern visual which resonates with contemporary and professional audiences, especially with individuals sensitive to details, interaction and design, but absolutely demanding when it comes to content and opportunities to learn more" says Caliandro. "We created a captivating outfit for a corporate container which, depending on the work dynamics, transforms into a professional tool which is able to convert the generated leads."

The collaboration between Studiogusto and Peptone will pave a way for a completely novel breed of interactive experiences for deep-tech focused companies that shift the boundaries of applicable science.

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