Sailing for a new route: the digital experience as a game-changer for Rossinavi

01 / 03 / 2023

Rossinavi was born in 2007 as the natural evolution of the Cantiere Fratelli Rossi. Just like the name may suggest, their love for making things nautical was passed on down the generations and continues to be shared within the family. Their work bears untold experience in the way of construction, and also wants to provide an answer to a difficult question: can luxury items like yachts be ever sustainable? The people at Rossinavi have been making innovation their new route: significant investments where made to sustain the journey of the R&D department, that has been mixing technology and lifestyle also to achieve an eco-friendly vision of luxury.

The ambitious collaboration between Rossinavi and Studiogusto started something more than 1 year ago, with the goal of a brand repositioning, particularly for its digital life. — We asked Studiogusto to give our communication a big push — says Cristian Meriggi, Head of Marketing of Rossinavi. — The change we wanted to make and the goals we wanted to achieve as a company needed to be reflected into our ways of communicating them, translating them into the digital world. We are aware of the level of innovation we achieved thanks to the experience in what we do, so we were looking for an agency that shared the same value and know-how in its field. Studiogusto was our perfect match. — 

The work together started with BluE, an interactive web experience close to the concept of gamification. It is a digital dive augmented by the use of 3D videos, with little messages hidden behind colored gems, to express the connection between brand and nature. — The inspiration for the project itself comes from nature — says Stefano Caliandro, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Studiogusto. — Phytoplankton has been the main ingredient for all the style choices in the project. It is an almost surreal microorganism that goes beyond any creative coding becoming bioluminescent during the night. — 

The fresh collaboration between Studiogusto and Rossinavi has been very prolific: besides BluE, the agency produced SeaCat, an hyper-tech project involving 3D, motion, sound and some extra FXs, and a soon to be published project called Infinity, following the steps of SeaCat. 

Due to the success of the two web experiences fully developed by Studiogusto in terms of awards and international digital recognition, as well as the impact they had in the nautical aficionados sector, Rossinavi has decided to trust Studiogusto also with another, important project: the corporate website of the brand. Studiogusto is now working on completing the change in the tone of voice of the brand, with a minimal language close to the big maisons of technology and innovation.

A full circle moment that demonstrates the bond, the trust and the shared vision of beauty that Studiogusto and Rossinavi established together.

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