FWAWWWARD: so good, so lucky.

04 / 10 / 2023

One thing you might have missed and you have to catch up with: it's a match! 
Studiogusto's website was awarded with the FWAWWWARD, the recognition born from the combination of the two major forces of the web awards industry, FWA and AWWWARDS. 

It is something that happens maybe once in an agency lifetime, but most likely never. Why? Because to receive the FWAWWWARD you have to be good, real good, but also blessed with a  quite an amount of luck: the certificate is given only to those project who earn both the FWA and the AWWWARDS on the same day. And people in the industry knows that the chances are almost zero. 

— Winning this recognition with something that we designed for ourselves is a great pleasure. — says Stefano Caliandro, Creative Director of Studiogusto. — Of course having a nice showcase of the works we make for our clients is what we aimed for, but carving out the time to do a project that represented us, what we are currently as a team, as a brand and as an agency, was definitely not easy: this is way the new website of Studiogusto and this FWAWWWARD are so special to us. —

Studiogusto wants to keep this award as a talisman, and use it as fuel for future projects, ideas, brainstormings, and the effort that comes with them: it is the perfect reminder that it doesn’t take to be the biggest, or the most known, to have the chance and the boldness to reach for the top. 

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