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DDAW - Digital Design Award

WOTD - CSS Design Awards

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SOTD - Awwwards

A digital Manifesto to transform and materialize three characters

You Matter is the digital tool that Accademia del Lusso is using to bring his innovative teaching method all around the world: a full digital production who required the Gusto skills to write a digital story and to create all the contents. Trying to combine all the available Media to build up an innovative ecosystem, we have realized three micro-clip and we have processed the scenes using PixiJs and WebGl Shaders, we also added a Glitch effect to the final result.

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For this production we have edited an ambient sound for the main Scene and for each character single-scene to highlight the message that different cultures bring with them. We had the ambition to define a Concept where end-users could manipulate some item on the viewport; with the client we agreed to use humans, as characters, to enhance their ethic values. In terms of Interface we have designed a very clean and minimal layout to leave the contents protagonist.

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