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The new generation of super yachts embraces panism: with Studiogusto's latest video for Rossinavi, Alchemy connects beauty and nature.

The ongoing relationship between Studiogusto and Rossinavi keeps producing and collecting pearls from the ocean. The brand revolutionizing luxury yachting with an environmental committed soul, asked us to create an emotional video to launch Alchemy, its latest super yacht. Its name says it all: Alchemy stands for a connection among all things. Beauty, nature, human feelings: bonds that are always there, even when not visible. After a long process of location scouting to find the most stunning combinations of earthy lands and wild seas, we brought the production to Madeira, the archipelago situated in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Words from the nature herself: we chose a tone of voice close to poetry to emphasize the connection between the soul of the woman and the soul of Alchemy. 

We reached the most stunning and most precarious cliffs to take the best shot and to give the scenes a balance between the intimacy of a nymph-watching experience, and the limitless beauty of the natural both the actress and the yacht navigate into.

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