Contemporary terrazzo

MIPA Design

Art Direction


MIPA focuses on research and technological innovation to create finely crafted products from marble grit, a natural and environmentally-friendly material.

MIPA surfaces combine resistance and uniqueness, creating an unrivalled architectural product with a strong identity. A leading brand in the evolution of grit and synonymous of Made in Italy excellence. Studiogusto leads Mipa in the new positioning path of the brand aimed at increasing its appeal and strength in the digital universe, trough the strategic use of design, images and copywriting.

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A Mipa surface embellishes any environment, creating authentic domestic narratives with an authentic style and architectural contexts that become art.

The new website is a universe rich in details, in which the new content and features give to the user a unique experience of the brand's shapes, colours and collections. The Mipa collections become the protagonists of a new digital narrative in which to explore the synthesis between history and color. An invitation to immerse oneself in new contexts that adapt to any idea of style. In the Inspirations section, experiencing the art of terrazzo tiles becomes simple.

The decorations come to life in the architectural environment, continuously creating new scenarios. The new product pages represent the versatility of MIPA terrazzo to create customized stylistic combinations, giving the users the possibility to combine all their ideas in one space,to simplify the choice of the most suitable products.

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