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February 2018


Art Direction



To make Misura a love brand, we needed new contents able to resonate with the audience, lifestyle pictures people would feel part of, with stories, ideas, recipes, and experiences of the everyday.

The creation of a love brand. Our work for Misura consisted in creating an overall social media communication with many different activities, all routed in a strategy aiming at making the brand a lovable companion of the everyday, the trustful friend whispering advices to your hears, a lifestyle guide for people who choose to embrace healthiness.

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We launched a campaign featuring four famous athletes from four different sports.

#AllenatiAllaVita gathers together champions from surf, climbing, ski, and mtb downhill, and makes them inspiring people for the ones who look for the perfect balance in life.We created a series of videos based on the most authentic values of Misura, and let them express their own feelings.

The web experience we designed for Misura aims to make it the easiest to reach the focus part of the website: products and information about them, articles, news, are all directly accessible through a precise system of labels and tags.

The highlights in the homepage allow an overview of all the contents of the website, featuring smooth animations and colorful parallax effects of the nicest and healthiest ingredients to make life better. The products section offers a smart way to navigate through the many items, divided into different collections and easy to reach thanks to the tags, which create different orders to make it as quick as possible.

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