Italian Style with an International touch

Park Avenue

Art Direction



Park Avenue redefines the concept of luxury bathrooms thanks to an exclusive collection inspired by the Art Deco style in New York at the turn of the 20th Century

Studiogusto's journey inside the world of Park Avenue started with a redefinition of brand identity and products’ guidelines: we made its style and language, which are highly related to Classic, Art Deco and Italian craftsmanship taste, look lighter and more contemporary.

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The storytelling describes the value of Florentine finest artisanal work on ceramics, metals and woods: we used our eyes as a mean to tell the daily routine of the hands that are shaping Park Avenue’s products while keeping protected an heritage representing Italy all over the world.

Digital and Charming

The new website speaks to a wide target via the balance of color and photography. The interface is essential and enhances the visual bringing the product away from its usual context biased by style etiquettes and classicisms. The use of Render Still Life allows the users to view the aesthetic recipe of the brand and to think about every product inside their very own interior projects.

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