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We developed ASICS - Mind UplifterTM together with Solarflare Studio, as part of a project led by Edelman based on Dr Stubbs’ studies and research.

Scientific and social research meets digital experience. With its latest project, ASICS invites the world population to identify themselves in a united community, and think about the intimate relation between body and well-being through movement. It is a live, worldwide study that connects information and athlete communities in their individual, national and international dimension, while encouraging people to discover the beauty and benefits that movement brings to the body and mind.

It includes a mix of technologies such as facial scanning and the processing of data.

The system developed by the creative studio meets the ambitious objective of collecting 1 million user data and processing them live for every "uplifted mind", then turning them into a dynamic and interactive map: the Mind Uplift Map.

The Studiogusto team has worked in a completely immersive way, collaborating directly with ASICS’ development section and expressing the scientific studies behind the project as a code. They have interpreted the request to track facial expressions based on ten emotional and cognitive metrics, such as confidence, positivity, calm and focus, adding a visual output of the face that reacts to the movement in front of the camera. ASICS’ Mind UplifterTM has been a motivating challenge for Studiogusto, where the experience acquired over the years in multiple areas of web development, 3D, UI and UX converged in one project: a partnership that has "uplifted" every mind involved and can hopefully do the same with you.

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