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Peptone combines physics with molecular biology via next-generation supercomputing.

Peptone is an English company based in Switzerland that works in the pharmaceutical testing sector. We dealt with branding and the development of the Identity System, dealing with a young and international team: the dialogue with the Founders (Kamil and Matt) was stimulating from the very beginning and they pushed us to achieve ambitious results through experimentation and sharing sessions.

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Working on the web project was an experience out of the ordinary: we had the opportunity to translate their visions into a contemporary, technological and institutional digital language. Almost all creative layout or interface choices are the result of sharing between our team and Kamil & Co.

The initial scene, the result of copious experimentation, was created using the Cannon.js library which allows to add physics to the interaction with the Interface Visual.

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We prototyped several solutions before arriving at the desired result. Our Devs spared no time and courage, testing very advanced interaction routines: it was the first time we approached React Three Fiber and Peptone's path allowed us to acquire awareness and know-how with native 3D-web assets within React.

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