Monaco Yacht Show 2023


Art Direction


Studiogusto designed the Rossinavi Experience for the Monaco Yacht Show 2023.

A moment of technology and immersive visions to make the innovation the brand brings to the industry even more stunning. The sustainable path Rossinavi navigates brings an eco-friendly upgrade to the luxury world of yachting, and the experience created by Studiogusto translated this philosophy into visual and audio suggestions that surrounded the guests. An audio/video production installed inside the space Rossinavi has set up on the prestigious Dockside of Monte Carlo.

BluE is the new Green

Our work channeled the brand's commitment to the evolution of the technology within its industry, describing the BluE approach for the release of hybrid and full-electric Motor Yachts with an engaging storytelling in a completely reflective space set up to enhance the immersive effect of the experience.

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