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Our work consists in creating an overall communication with many different activities, aiming at making the brand a lovable companion of the everyday, and to embrace the uniqueness and personal taste of every fan.

The long-lasting collaboration with Misura continues to evolve, finding new paths for brand growth. Misura is a leader and pioneer in food and wellness. Every year, we develop a new strategy that explores Misura's target audience and aficionados, as well as creating a health culture for an engaged community.

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A vision of a universe starting from a single, ordinary family: this was UNO SGUARDO ITALIANO, the key concept of the strategy.

Families are as different and unique as the people who are part of them. Different stories, personalities, identities, choices, and food tastes are kept together with care, affection, and understanding. Photo and video shoots, lovable and relatable characters, and comics bring their lives into 2D: a fun, enjoyable, and always-changing universe that collects all the Misura worlds.


The social media management and campaigning for Misura consist of an accurate and broad plan with content specifically produced for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Using all the native tools and more, the all-round social strategy makes this one of the main access points to the brand community, values, and projects

The bridge between social media and the website: M-Magazine is Misura’s ultimate digital collector.

In 2023, we revisited the entire digital experience. The revamp of the digital magazine made the Misura website a place to meet, discover, and enjoy interesting features such as stories, recipes, and interviews on common daily life topics.

Every photo and video pursue an idea of fulfillment: whether through the relatable stories of the "Uno Sguardo Italiano" family or through colorful and tasty pictures of products and recipes. The production follows the need to create a sense of lifestyle connected to the values of a beloved brand, rich in positive feelings but also deeply rooted in the ordinary reality of everyone.


Since 2017, this still-growing project has linked the brand with the sports world through the casting of testimonials like Italian skier and world champion Marta Bassino, a collaboration that consolidated an all-round idea of taste and well-being.


With the growing interest in environmental issues and the need to give users clear indications of the brand's impact, we developed a side strategy called A Misura d’Ambiente. A Misura d’Ambiente is an umbrella section for different content, like A Misura di Due Ruote, where one can find information about the many actions the brand takes to spread positive and sustainable behavior. In 2022, we also developed and launched Green Jumper, an entertaining game by Misura that allows players to learn more about environmental issues.

The web experience we designed for Misura aims to make it easy to reach the focus parts of the website.

Products and information about them, articles, and news are all directly accessible through a precise system of labels and tags. The highlights on the homepage provide an overview of all the website's content, featuring smooth animations and colorful parallax effects of the nicest and healthiest ingredients to make life better. The products section offers a smart way to navigate through the many items, divided into different collections and easy to reach thanks to the tags, which create different orders to make navigation as quick as possible.

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