The art of water

Marini Marmi

Art Direction




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Since a very big role in the creation of this particular stone is played by the water, we made it a feature of our digital experience: the vortex animation on the homepage emulates the movement of Lake Iseo.

Marini Marmi is a beautiful and ancient company rich in historical architectural projects in Italy and abroad. The stones they extract from their quarries bare all the soul of a magic place on the shore of Lake Iseo. We definitely wanted to let that magic happen in a digital experience that is as much about design as it is about emotions and interactions with nature. The project involves all the history, the production, the passion and the art behind this element used in the most striking design and architectural pieces.

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We wanted to surprise the user with some breaking points to catch the attention while going through a very editorial design, keeping it clean and elegant while playing a little bit.

In the Application page, the images are generated randomly from the same section. The galleries are crazy, definitely: you have to click the house down to see all the pictures wherever you want in the space dedicated to the gallery.

The emotional video we produced inside and outside their quarry became a watery window where to take a look from. The shader animation between the different videos consists in 4 video layers: the one below is the next video you are about to see, the actual video is divided into 3 layers of distortions creating a vortex based on parameters reacting to the mouse actions.

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