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The video we created sums up all the processes of their fast and uncanny work with a special attention payed on the human touch and the synergy among the team, showing as the brand comes, sees and conquer.

Ballsystem is a company revolutionizing the field of body shops with a new method consisting in the use of patented tools like levers and hammers to repair the body of cars with zero emissions and no need for repainting.

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Mostly known for the smart repair of car bodies hit by hail, Ballsystem has a great network of professionals all around Europe and moves everywhere to intervene on large car fleets.

A so growing-up reality with so much potential needs a strong identity to rely on, so we created a whole project having at its very base the innovative and creative soul of the brand, but most of all, the people that are part of it.  Due to the very peculiar nature of the method which is all handcrafting based, Ballsystem really bonds a lot with its people, and we portrayed the concept of this big, precise, and impressive human machine, so good at what it does, that their intervention is almost unnoticed.

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