The magical e-commerce extraordinaire

Ghost Unicorns

Art Direction



DDAW - Digital Design Award

WOTD - CSS Design Awards

FOTD - Fwa

HM - Awwwards

DDAM - Digital Design Award

We created the brand identity and digital experience for the e-commerce developers extraordinaire Ghost Unicorns. The website mixes 3D, interactions and sound design.

The magical duo called Ghost Unicorns is a powerhouse in the e-commerce field: the two experts Danilo Argentiero and Riccardo Ugolini have deep knowledge of the core of Magento’s platform since the dawn of its launch. As active developers of the Magento community, they have contributed to its evolution over time; a growth that has now led it to become the most powerful, evolved and flexible CMS in the field of e-commerce.

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We started with the naming and the manifesto included in the website. We wanted them to be strong.

They are both bold statements that could be coming off as arrogant, but that’s the case: Ghost Unicorns exudes the self-confidence that comes with professionalism. So we thought about the duo as two picky mythological creatures that decide when and who they are going to show themselves to. The naming also connects with the world of hacking and development: the unicorns are the talents of the web.

The logo design is a bridge between the concept of the naming and the experience we wanted the users to feel when stepping into the Ghost Unicorns universe.

The website is an immersive experience that showcases the multi-faceted identity of the two: out-of-the-box, funny, and very committed.

The digital space developed for Ghost Unicorns includes 3D elements that bring the users inside an exclusive world. We created a curl noise based on the shape of a unicorn using WEBgl and three.js. The Manifesto and the Get A Quote pages are experential spaces where to get to know the values of Ghost Unicors, but most of all are places where to have fun. The first one lets the user activate the animations through the scroll, as if they are in charge of the timeline. For the second, it is an experience featuring custom interactions and sound design. We suggest you just try to get your quote, but be aware of the budget you choose. The website won many awards, including CSS Design Awards' WOTD, FWA's FOTD, DDA's Project Of The Year, DDA's People's Choice.

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