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BluE is the new “green” concept of Rossinavi, including all the results of their recent innovation, research and consolidation processes, to actively and efficiently satisfy the need of sustainability on the yachts of the Viareggio-based builder.

A web experience that, through digital technology, describes the Brand’s vision and commitment to develop beauty and innovation consciously.

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Art Direction

BluE is a reading path enhanced by 3D video; a jump into a parallel, magic sea, rich of opportunities.

We created a story through small messages, hidden behind coloured gems, able to convey very important concepts using just a few words, with the help and support of video-mini-portraits. A strand of pearls fully representing the Brand’s vision; keep designing beauty while giving back to nature what the nature itself offers to the guests during the navigation: dream, relax, silence and magic.

Inspiration comes from Nature itself: the main ingredient for all the project’s stylistic choices is phytoplankton. A surreal microorganism overtaking any creative-coding result by becoming bioluminescent during the night, after accumulating “energy” with sun exposure (ed).
A particle shower that guided us in the realization of the primary setting, mixing the use of all the post-processing range with the need of saving resources.

High Italian craftsmanship

Ready to dive in?

The scene was set around a defined camera route, designed within Blender: we built an imaginary tunnel below the sea level where the user proceeds while scrolling in free falling, discovering the BluE contents enclosed in each gem.

We divided the path into smaller segments, defined by Halos, suggesting the idea of surrealism and bioluminescence. Each gem is a small ecosystem, enclosed in a translucent cage. The outcome –resulting from advanced Creative coding and post-processing- is completely custom and allowed us to involve the client during the compositing and the creative processes defining the style of the whole project.

UI Design

The interface has the technological taste of the most iconic games and simulators of the roaring 90’s.

The typographic choice is ambitious and sets a retro-futuristic mood for all the scene, enriched by the glitch the mouse-move creates on all the viewport, conveying a real under-watery feeling. The whole UI resembles the dashboard of a submarine cabin, conveniently highlighting the interactive components: compass, menu, route map, navigator, audio controller. 
The colour grading features a change of tone for each milestone of the path and, so, for each group of gems, both in the interface and the WebGL scene.
The little details accompanying the reading of short texts and the view of short video portraits, offer an unusual experience.

<p>The path ends with the selection of two BluE yachts, the result of the conscious choices just described by the Brand.</p>

The path ends with the selection of two BluE yachts, the result of the conscious choices just described by the Brand.

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