A Web3 Revolution

Boom & Bloom

Art Direction

Brand Identity



Despite being new to the market, Boom & Bloom boasts a rich legacy in the NFT era, starting with the acclaimed Cryptomories project. They've consistently evolved, launching novel collections and projects.

Boom & Bloom, an avant-garde company in the Web3 arena, is reshaping our interaction with blockchain and NFTs through immersive gaming experiences. At Studiogusto, our collaboration with them was key in actualizing this innovative vision.

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Design Thinking

Crafting the Bridge Between Web2 and Web3

 Leveraging our expertise in WebGL and Three.js technology, we confronted the challenge of demystifying the complex world of Web3. Our objective was to design a user experience that educates and captivates, seamlessly integrating Web2 familiarity with the innovation of Web3.

Digital Mood

Creating a Futuristic Digital Playground

We sculpted an inviting, futuristic digital environment using vibrant colors and dynamic 3D motion graphics. Our prowess in WebGL and creative design transformed the website into a beacon of digital innovation and narrative.

The Interface

Balancing Aesthetics with Functionality

Our focus was on a meticulously crafted user interface that harmonized engaging content with interactive elements. This approach ensured an aesthetically pleasing and exploratory user journey.
Every interaction was carefully crafted, utilizing animations and sound design, to provide a memorable experience in Boom & Bloom's digital realm.
We guaranteed a consistent experience across devices, optimizing the mobile version to match the desktop's appeal, ensuring media adaptability for smaller screens.

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