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Platek investigates the relationship between man and the environment to improve quality of life through efficient and sustainable lighting.

Platek is an international company projected to innovate in the field of architectural and decorative outdoor lighting. Platek’s mission is to bring the right quantity of light where needed in order to explore new ways of reviving residential spaces, to enhance the architecture, the historical and the cultural heritage of the area, and to create luminous landscapes in green areas.  Gusto IDS has been working on Brand repositioning, starting on 2016 with a redefinition of a strong brand identity system based on the astraction of the shapes of the light and on the arrangement of a bold typography and the use of a bright blue.

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Light at the core of the product

We defined the scenery where to tell the Platek collections using a dual narrative structure: lightning and space. A space-non-space, undefined and without borders, with essential geometric volumes to make the light the protagonist, to draw a bright effect in its purest form and enhance the interaction between the architectural elements.

Light and emotion.For Platek, light is a creative act that introduces a fourth dimension of architecture to broaden the perceptual experience.

A new fresh, blue and bold digital storytelling: Platek corporate website.

Company profile: all about Platek lighting phylosophy.

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